Doctors Pioneer Valve Surgery

18/05/2011 03:49
Video of a patient suffering from a heart condition involving the valves of his heart. Doctors at a Manchester hospital used key hole surgery in replacement of traditional surgery due to him suffering from other medical conditions. Watch the video at BBC News, (25th June 2008). 

Experts Warn of 'epidemic' of worn out heart valves

18/05/2011 03:37
  Experts Warn the public to prepare for a 'epidemic' of valvular heart disease due to an ageing population. Read the full article at BBC News (14th December 2010)

Study calls for all over 55 to be offered heart drugs

18/05/2011 03:24
 Study calls for all over 55 to be offered heart drugs   By Dominic HughesHealth correspondent, BBC News, 5th May 2011 The study says preventive treatments like cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs could be given to all people over 55 Continue reading the main story   The...

Heart valve grown from stem cells

17/05/2011 13:41
Article taken from BBC News: Tuesday, 3 April 2007   ...